Aerial Target OMI-TDK-39 used with AGTS-36 aerial gunnery system


Aerial target OMI-TDK-39 is used for close air-to-air combat with cannons 20 mm, 25 mm, 27 mm, 30 mm and is towed by aircraft such as Learjet, F-16, F-4, etc. It is an element of the AGTS-36 aerial gunnery system.

OMI-TDK-39 target main is body constructed from aluminium. Total mass is 71 Kg.

In order to augment visibility there is an additional string-sleeve visual augmenter. When the visual augmenter is fully deployed, the target becomes 13m long and is visible up to 3 Km.

In the nose there exists a Doppler detector which enables detection of projectiles enabling visual acquisition at a distance of just under two miles (3km). The Doppler radar scoring sensor in the forebody detects projectiles traversing in front of the target in a cone shape score zone.

An antenna in the aft section transmits to the towing aircraft all performance and current mission data for off-line evaluation post mission.

Finally a remote controlled relase mechanism allows cut-off (release) of the visual augmenter at the end of the mission.