TDU-10/B Towed Aerial Target


Length 4986 mm (196 in)
Mass 90 kg (197 Lbs)
Colour Designation Customer's choice
Applicable Mil-Spec MIL-T-9918
Interchangeable with NSN 6920-00-613-0312
Towing System AA37V-15A (“Reel-Out”)
Packing 2 Targets in wooden crate
Altitudes 3000 ft to 30000 ft
Minimum altitude 3000 feet before target launch
Minimum launch indicated airspeed 190 Knots (KTAS) up to Mach 0.85 max in tow
Optimum launch speed 200 KTAS with reel out in straight and level flight
Time for cable fully reeled out 2 min approx
Acceleration +1.5g in captive flight (climb or cruise) and up to +5g while towed