The venerable Alpha Jet trainer and light attack aircraft carries a variety of internal and external weapons for air-to-air and air-to-ground roles manufactured and supported by ORDTECH. Extract from the aircraft manual relevant pages is depicted for reference. The list includes the 30mm DEFA canons, Mk80 series and other types of bombs. The Alpha Jet is fully certified and cleared to carry and launch both 68 mm and standard NATO caliber 2.75” inch (70 mm) ones.

ORDTECH 2.75” launchers include the 19 tube OMI-LAU-61. The use of the 2.75” weapon system is immediately interchangeable in terms of hard-points, wiring, armament panel and ultimately operational use. Rockets (and Launchers) 2.75” offer distinct advantages over the 68 mm:

-1-   Performance : is superior in terms of range and accuracy (especially with the latest type of motor Mk66 which is of Wrap Around Fin type).
        Additionally the 2.75” warheads family is larger (more types) and includes precision guided (Laser) types for more complex missions.

-2-    Economy : Significant cost reduction in the aircraft life cycle. Rockets 2.75” (motors and warheads) are between 4X less expensive than the 68 mm cost)  
         and between 4X to 7X less expensive (25% to 15%) for the launchers. The 2.75” launchers include an additional tube (19 vs 18).

Alphajet Armament Options