Anti-Runway Bomb Durandal


Ordtech OMI-ARW1 anti-runway weapon is based on French Durandal used to neutralize enemy airfields.

Destruction is achieved by high speed penetration of target by exploding warhead with minimum risk to delivering aircraft.

The weapon released at high speeds and very low altitude to avoid enemy air-defence. Upon delivery, the weapon decelerates to obtain penetration angle and to increase safety distance from releasing aircraft. A solid rocket motor firing next accelerates the weapon to a very high speed for penetration into the target.

- Release envelope: Speed 450 to 600 Knots Altitude > 60 m (200 feet)

- Comprises four main sub-assemblies:
Warhead: 100 kg.
Sequencer Assembly: located immediately behind warhead and controls operation
Parachute Section: attaches to booster and contains deceleration and main drag chutes.
Rocket Motor: double base propellant, burns for 0.45 sec and provides thrust 10000 Kg.