Cluster Bombs OMI-CB250, OMI-CB500


Ordtech Cluster bombs 250 Kg and 500 Kg are used both against armour and personnel targets combining mission efficiency and high lethality. They are produced for standard carriage 14 inch (335.6 mm) NATO as well as 250 mm WARSAW Pact. The weapon is equipped with bomblets which scatter into a wide area (depends on release velocity and altitude). The bomblets are of two types used against armour (shaped charge) and anti-personnel or soft targets.

Principal Data
Type Mass (Kg) Length (mm) Number of bomblets Lethality Area (m2)
CB250 250 2500 250 40000
CB500 500 3300 400 60000

Bomblet Lethality 450 m2
Bomblet Penetration 180 mm Armour Steel
Bomblet Fragmentation 300 pcs