Combined Munitions Weapon OMI-CMW-500


Mass 227 Kg

Bomblets: 247 AP or AT or INC

AP: Mild Steel Bomblet 150 steel balls fragmentation

AT: Anti Armour Copper Cone Shaped Charge

INC: Zirkonium

Fin Span (closed): 438 mm

Lug Spacing: 14 inches

Fuze: Electronic time based, nose mounted

Air Sensor : 220 KTAS
Launch Speeds 400-600 KTAS

Launch Altitude: 100 m minimum

Angle of Attack 0 to 60 Degrees

Operational Temperature Range - 40 C to +70 C

Environmental MIL-STD-331 , and MIL-STD-810F

Carriage Qualification Same as MK-20

Shelf Life 10 Years

Targets Personnel , Armored Vehicles