Seirina Guided Bomb Mission Concept


Mission Concept :

Strike target "T" from certain altitude and Range. Range is determined by platform, velocity, altitude and tactical situation. It is calculated at mission planning or during flight.

Point "C" corresponds to the
theoretical point of release (RP) of standard (non guided) store in order to strike the target.

release can take place
anywhere within an ellipsoidal manoeuvring / energy envelope : 2Km x 1.3 Km (horizontal error margins).

sophisticated control system identifies RP and glides (corrects trajectory) in order to strike target regardless of RP, as long as it is situated within the ellipsoidal.

Consequence of above is that the weapon can be carried and launched by 2nd or 1st generation aircraft equiped with even a primitive navigation system.

Unlike similar weapons (e.g JDAM), there is no need to be linked with the data bus of the platform or use its on board navigation system.