Seirina Legend


According to Greek mythology, SEIRINAE (plural of Seirina) were creatures, half birds-half women, which inhabited the Seirinousae islands, off the Adriatic coast.

Humans, seamen in particular, feared the creatures. For their song was so seductive, that urged passing-by ships crews to approach, forget family and homeland and stay there forever.

Alas to the unfortunate: the creatures created an enormous turbulence which wrecked the ship; then devoured the sailors. Their bones and skulls covered the valleys of the islands.

Only two ships were alleged to have escaped the Seirinae: One was the “ARGO”. Orpheus, the harp player and singer, and his fellow Argonauts were on board. His divine song mesmerized the Argonauts, who paid no attention to the song of the Seirinae.

Second was that of Odysseus, King of Ithaki, returning from the Trojan war. Sorceress Kirki had warned this crafty Greek about the Seirinae. With his ears plugged with wax and chained onto the mast, commanded his crew until they passed safely.

Omiros (Homer) is reporting that the Seirinae were only two. According to other writters however, there were more and reference is made to a few with names full of mystery and significance: Aglaofimi, Thelxiepia, Ligea, Lefkopia, Molpi and Parthenopi.

Forty centuries later, the name “SEIRINA” was adopted by Ordtech Military Industries for its guided air-to-ground munition, a powerful tactical asset available to air forces worldwide for precision air strike.