External Stores Ejector Racks, Pylons and Bomb release units

TER: Triple Ejector Rack 1095-01-454-9859

MER: Multiple Ejector Rack 1095-01-146-9285


Ejector Racks MER and TER are used in conjunction with a Centerline Pylon and enable aircraft to carry GP bombs such as Mk81/ Mk82, cluster bombs, LGB and others. It is also capable of carrying and firing rocket launchers such as LAU-68, LAU-131 and flare launchers such as SUU-25. Maximum load capacity is 5000 lbs for MER while for TER it is 3000 lbs.

MER uses six and TER uses three ejector release units (ERUs) which hold and enable release of stores. The ERUs are located in two groups of three : one aft and one forward, symmetrically arranged about the centerline and at 45 degrees at either side

Each ERU holds the store by means of two suspension hooks placed at 14 in (std NATO) and also by a pair of swaybrace pads which provide steady captive flight. Each ERU uses one or more
impulse cartridges which enable safe separation of stores.

Length 146.8 in / 3730 mm
Width 17.2 in / 438 mm
Height 15.2 in / 387 mm
Mass 200 Lbs / 90 Kg
Store Suspension 14 in / 356 mm
Swaybrace Pad Torque 70 to 100 Lb-in
Loading Stations 6 x 750 lbs
Voltage 28 Volt DC
Impulse Cartridge ARD-863-1