Emergency Float Kit for Helicopters


The Emergency Float Kit iis predominately intented for use with helicopters AB 205, AB 212 and UH-1H but can be easily adapted for installation to other types. Over 450 kits have been supplied to National Air Forces, Army Aviation and Navies worldwide.

Part No. Description NSN
212-4600-03-1 FLOATS KIT 1630-15-004-0704
212-4600-03-109 FLOATS KIT 1630-15-066-2802
212-4600-26-103 FLOAT L/H 1630-15-117-5088
212-4600-26-104 FLOAT R/H 1630-15-117-5089
212-4600-19-105 CYLINDER ASSEMBLY 1630-15-121-5089
212-7717-05-xx INSTALLATION KIT 1560-15-113-5544
212-706-042-105 INSTALLATION KIT 1560-15-113-5544



Inflated length: 3200 mm Helium or Nitrogen High Pressure Storage Bottle
Inflated diameter: 900 mm Expansion Valve
Deflated length: 2700 mm Firing Actuation Mechanism (Squib type 3660 or 3670)
Deflated diameter: 390 mm Two floats (4 on application) from special nylon neoprene coated fabric
Inflation time: 3 s to 6 s Two (4) protective covers
Load capacity (buoyancy): 8000 Kg Special connection pipe between bottle and float
  Support attachment fixtures