IR flare OMI-PPI-26 for Mig-29 a/c and Mi-8 / Mi-17 / Mi-24 Helicopters


Ordtech offers to operators of Soviet platforms IR Countermeasure OMI-PPI-26 in place of original Soviet cartridge PPI 26.5 mm. The latter's wax-paper body is replaced by a design of advanced performance and reliability NATO standard. The original impulse cartridge (squib) is also replaced by a standard NATO type. OMI-PPI-26 is fully functional with existing dispensers ASO-2V and BVP-30-26M and no modifications are required to self protection SUVP-29 system. These countermeasures are already in operational use serving with a number of Air Forces worldwide. OMI-PPI-26 offers superb performance against most advanced IR air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles and can be customised to meet any particular threats that a Customer will specify.

Mass total 100 g
Ejected mass 45 g
Length 87 mm
Cross section 26.5 mm diam
Muzzle velocity < 35 m/s
Rise time < 100 ms
Output at 200 ms > 4000 Watt / sr
Output at 2 s > 2500 Watt / sr
Operating temp -45 °C to +75 °C
Storage temp -65 °C to +85 °C
UN No 0421
Hazard Class 1.2G
Impulse cartridge OMI-36Y-1 or equivalent
Dispenser ASO-2V, BVP-30-26M
Platform Mig-29, Su-22, Su-25, Mi-17, Mi-8