Oerlikon 35 mm anti-aircraft cannon support


Parts Manufacture and Support

Microelectronics, Fire Control, Mechanical Assemblies

Ordtech Part No. Interchangeable with Part No. Interchangeable with NSN Description
OE35-0010 1308732 6240-14-472-9226 FLASH AMP
OE35-0011 329320 4730-12-301-8808 CONNECTOR
OE35-0014 329445 1285-99-771-5365 TUBE, TRANSMISSION
OE35-0033 C4148252 4810-12-185-4985 VALVE
OE35-0042 C4133172-J 4730-12-302-8463 ELBOW TUBE
OE35-0043 CF322151DS 6150-12-325-4933 PCB ASSY
OE35-0044 CF322152DS 6150-12-325-4934 PCB ASSY
OE35-0052 CF442212 5930-15-114-4923 SWITCH, ROTARY
OE35-0056 CF467834AE 4140-12-324-8801 FAN VENTILATING
OE35-0074 Q531828064 4140-12-187-2890 FAN VENTILATOR
OE35-0105 W40731243P 5330-99-894-0279 PACKING PREFORMED
OE35-0108 WW302468R 5365-21-903-3215 RING SPACER
OE35-0118 WW401593X 1010-21-905-0661 HANDLE, COVER
OE35-0119 WW434365 1010-21-905-0071 CONTROL VALVE

CU413046CU-413046B Voltage Receiver (Fire Control)