OMI-SUU-20B/A Rocket and Practice Bomb Dispenser interchangeable 1095-00-152-3360


OMI-SUU-20B/A aircraft dispenser is used for release of practice bombs BDU-33 and rockets 2.75 inch. It is cleared for use on various aircraft such as F-5, F-16, F-4, A-7 and others. Offers operators the advantage of single mission training in bombing and rocket attack.

Length 122 in (3100 mm)
Mass Empty 397 lbs (180 Kg)
Mass Loaded 527 lbs (239 Kg)
Capacity 4 x Rockets 2.75 + 6 x BDU-33 Bombs

SUU-20B/A Dispenser 1095-00-152-3360
69D6092-1 Tube Assy 1095-00-934-1450
69A6142 Switch 1095-00-934-1469
69D6156 Adapter Harness  
5223807-501 Adapter Harness  
69A6142 Rotary Switch intervalometer bomb  
69A6143 Rotary Switch intervalometer Rocket  
69D6122 Rocket Firing mechanism Installation  
7132779-30 Cable Assy  
NAS1303-7 Bolt