TALOS Tactical U.A.V



Solid Reliable Aerostructure Affordable at a fraction of cost
All Metal or Composite Variety of Tactical Missions & Utilisation
Simplicity in Maintenance & Operation Total Support

Talos was the first Robot (automaton) in history. It was a bronze mechanical giant, several meters tall, manufactured by technicians of King Minos. The Minoan Kingdom and the Mycenaean Empire were the earliest Hellenic (Greek) empires which dominated the Mediterranean & known world from 4000 BC to 600 BC. Mission of Talos was to patrol the Empire coastline and to protect from barbarian invasions by giving early warning so that the empire sea dominant fleets and armies would take necessary action. According to some historians Talos was a flying robot and thus was depicted with wings in ancient Greek coins of various eras and cities.