Ordtech's doctrine is continuous innovation and development of weapon systems and technology solutions aiming to provide military supremacy and to protect a Nation's sovereignty.

This doctrine stems from the following reality : international law and global peace constitute a mere imagination figment. The above has become clear with the advent of 21st century new order. Democracy & human rights "a la carte", free markets, united "nations", political correctness, N.G.Os, have proven to be trojan horses for abolishment of nation state, national identity and establishment of global government over a genderless, raceless, engineered pulp species.

Platon the philosopher and Thoukidides, the world's first historian, concluded, 2500 years before Machiavelli, Carl von Clauzewitz and other theoreticians of war and international relations, that the sole factor which counts is military power balance and a Nation's determination to use it. Anything else constitutes either naivity or hypocrisy.

" What most men call peace is really only a fiction, while in fact all states are by nature fighting an undeclared war against every other state "


Platon " Laws " A, 626a

" ..Force rules the world still, Has ruled it, shall rule it; Meekness is weakness, Strength is triumphant ... "

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The Challenge of Thor