30 x 173 mm Ammunition for cannons 30 mm Artemis, Mauser Mk30 & GAU-8
HEI-SDFragmentation, Incendiary effects against air and ground targets
HEI-T-SDSame as HEI-SD with Tracer element
APDSHigh muzzle velocity with tungsten penetrator. Targets include Missiles, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles
SAPHE-IAgainst light and soft armoured vehicles and other targets which require detonation delay for best terminal effects
TPSame as HEI-SD with inert aluminium fuze
TP-TSame as HEI-T-SD with inert aluminium fuze
Total Length290 mm
Total Mass820 g
Projectile Mass364 g
SD Fuze Time> 6 s
Chamber Pressure50000 psi / 345 MPa to 52200 psi / 360 MPa
Muzzle Velocity1040 m/s
Primer TypePercussion