Aircraft Cannon Pod 20 mm MG151
Aircraft Cannon Pod 20 mm MG151
Left or Right hand feed, enabling installation on port or starboard side, or both. Spent cartridge cases are collected inside the platform. Belt links are collected inside a link bag. Ammunition magazine protected by armour plate. Electric or manual firing. Optical sight with night vision capability.
Rate of Fire650 to 750 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity720 m/s
Recoil force3500 N
Ammunition availableHEI, HEI-T, SAPHEI, TP, TP-T
Ammunition capacity150 – 250 rounds
Effective range1000 – 1500 m
Elevation+0 deg / – 60 deg
Traverse100 deg
Electrical requirements22 – 29 Volt DC 9.4 A peak / 4.0 A cont
Mass: – Platform, cradle93.0 kg
Mass: -Cannon39.0 kg
Mass: – Ammunition (150 rounds)37.5 kg
Mass: – Total169.5 kg
LengtH x Width x Height2.52 x 0.97 x 0.72 m