Aircraft Twin Machine Gun Pod 7.62 mm
Aircraft Twin Machine Gun Pod 7.62 mm
Length1920 mm
Width421 mm
Height with suspension lug525 mm
Height without suspension lugs455 mm
Total mass114 Kg (1000 rounds)
Mass excluding ammunition88 Kg
Suspension LugsNATO 14 Inch
Machine Guns2 X 7.62 mm NATO
Rate of Fire1900 rounds/min
Electric System28 VDC, Peak 5 A, Steady 2.5 A

The TwinMag Pod is aerodynamically shaped and consists of three sections. Aft and fore sections are lightweight, easily removable, detachable aerodynamic fairings made of glassfibre-based material. The central section is made of aluminum, has large access doors for easy maintenance, loading and cocking (ground cocking not recommended for safety reasons) and houses the main firing assembly. Main firing assembly is arranged in two overlaping levels. Upper level holds 2 machine guns and trigger mechanism. Lower level holds the ammunition chain and barrels.

Loading can be accomplished both electrically from the cockpit and manually on the ground. It is recommended for safety reasons to avoid ground loading. Electrical connection of the machine guns is taking place through dedicated solenoids. There is one solenoid for each machinegun. Firing is activated from the cockpit with the use of a button on pilot/copilot stick. All interaction between crew and gunpods is controlled through a special panel in the cockpit. The panel comprises a load button for remote electrical loading and a round meter for continuous update of remaining unused rounds.

Twinmag Pod is optimised for carriage by helicopters and light aircraft. Platforms such as PC-7, Tucano, UH-1, Bell 412, 206 can carry the Pod without any adverse influence on their flight envelope. Its dimensions respect limits and empasize similarity to compatible external loads carried by same aircraft. Hence ground and landing clearance remain unaffected. Simplicity, ruggedness and ease of maintenance render it an excellent weapon for use in counter insurgency missions operated from remote isolated and basic airfields.