ARGES is an all weather day and night autonomous missile guidance system kit that can be integrated onto existing air, land and sea vehicles transforming them into intelligent combat ready for the complex modern warfare.

ARGES main features :
➢ Environment and self situation awareness using advanced data fusion from a number of different sensors :
➢ High Frame Rate Thermal Imaging
➢ Sensors of host vehicle autopilot.
➢ A.I. assisted target recognition.
➢ Automatic target tracking.
➢ Advanced target guidance and pursuit algorithms optimized for :
➢ Mission type (air-to-ground, ground-to-air, air-to surface, etc).
➢ Target type (land vehicle, UAS, building, etc).
➢ Target speed
➢ Self vehicle kinematic dynamics capability.
➢ Small footprint and mass.
➢ Low power requirements and consumption.
➢ Ready to integrate onto different platforms :
➢ Rockets
➢ UAS (fixed wing and multi-copter type).
➢ Can issue commands to vehicle’s existed autopilot or act as an independent autopilot.
➢ Uses the industry standard open protocols for trouble free integration with the majority of the commercial off-the-shelf autopilots.
➢ Can be used as a fire and forget weapon or as a loitering/patrolling weapon seeking targets of opportunity.


Thermal Imaging Sensor Basic Specifications :

• Sensor Type : Microbolometer.
• Spectral Range Band : Longwave.
• Number of Pixels : 76800
• Pixel Pitch : 12μm.
• Imaging Range : -34°C to 300°C.
• Sensor Sensitivity : < 60 mK @ 25°C. • Shutter Type : Mechanical. • Frame Rate : >24 fps
• Detection Range (Wide Angle Lens) : >330m .
• Detection Range (Zoom Lens) : >750m.
• Temperature Operating Range : -10°C to 65°C.