DEFA 30 mm Cannon – Total Support for ALPHAJET Aircraft
ORDTECH Industries supports users / operators of ALPHAJET aircraft equipped with the DEFA 30 mm cannons, type DEFA 553 or DEFA 550 F3 in the following: Cannons maintenance, overhaul, parts manufacture and also supply of ammunition calibre 30X113 mm of all type
Armament 30 mm Cannons
Part No.DescriptionPart No.Description
3CGF79BPin (Broach)3005VAATest Adapter
3CGF96Barrel spanner (Wrench spanner)758-100Multi-purpose Armament Tester
3CGF136Circuit Tester Cannon F2758-200-000No Volts Test Box
3CGF150Resetting Hand Assy (Bevel gear)758-400Armament System Simulator
3CGF175DKit Checking9401AECTest Adapter
3CGF178Crank Handle9401PCETest Box Universal
3CGF180Strap type insertion tool (Introducer strip)9418VAEAdapter Box CC2A
3CGF187Tool Kit Operating 9429VAEAdapter Box CRB13A
 3CGF188ATool Kit Repairing 9430VAEAdapter Box CLB43A
 3CGF189Tool Kit ServicingJ151Ratchet Wrench (Handle socket wrench 3/8’) 
3CGF191Belt Feeder (Insert webbing)  
3CGF192Belt cartridge alignment tool (Device gagging strip)  
3CGF195Kit Servicing Support  
 3CGF197 Rearming Hand (Hand re-cocking device)  
3CGF203Circuit Tester Firing F3  
3CGF204Limiter Recocking Control Box Test Set F4  
3CGF205Limiter Recocking Control Box Test Set F4