Guidelines to parties interested in importing materiel, technology and in general engaging into business with Ordtech. Particular attention should be paid by first time prospective Customers.
CustomersCustomers may be either End Users (armed forces) or commercial entities (companies state owned or private) with appropriate licenses and credentials issued by pertinent authorities and government departments. All aforementioned must be recognized as acceptable by Ordtech O.M.I in order to engage into business with.
End User CertificateEnd User Certificate (E.U.C) is one of the documents required for presentation to Ordtech and authorities (see Export) in order to apply for export license. An E.U.C Template is provided for reference. Additional documents required are a copy of P.O or Contract and proof of funds.
Enquiries RfQ – RfPAll enquiries are considered by Ordtech as in “Bona Fide” and will be answered under the following condition: Every enquiry must represent an actual operational requirement. This means that enquiries which are for budgetary purposes, general information collection or other purposes will not be answered. Quotations and Proposals are submitted strictly on this basis. Any enquiring party discovered to abuse good will and mislead, shall be black listed. See also R.W.A status. Template of acceptable RfQ (Request for Quotation).
Export ControlMateriel and technologies exported by Ordtech are subject to exports control. In order to effect an export it is necessary to receive an Export License (E/L). The latter takes between 4 to 8 months and requires the accord of various authorities. Shipment of materiel can only be effected to End User country even if the Customer is an entity other than the End User.
FOB – CIF & LogisticsAll quotations are on FOB (rarely Ex-Works) basis. Upon firm Purchase Order (P.O) or Contract, Ordtech may consider to explore transport options to end destination. A significant number of items fall under Class 1 hazard and as such can only be transported by cargo aircraft or special vessels. Logistics is an extremely complex process in which Ordtech can actively assist a Customer, or even undertake CIF delivery, once a firm P.O or Contract is in place.
PaymentTerms of payment depend on a number of factors such as End User, P.O magnitude, past business record and others. Normally a down payment is required with P.O and balance prior to delivery. Letters of Credit (L/C) may be considered in certain cases. L/C must be irrevocable, confirmed by first class international bank, payable at sight and all charges, including financing for applicant’s account.
QualityQuality of products and services is a cornerstone of Ordtech business. The highest Quality standards, as stipulated by Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) and Standardization Agreements (STANAG) – meeting or exceeding civilian sector ISO standards – are followed in all stages: from design, development, production through delivery and support.
QuotationsQuotations are submitted on FOB or Ex-Works basis. They normally comprise a technical and an economic offer. Complex systems for which an RfP has been submitted are answered by a comprehensive Proposal, subject to R.W.A status for the prospective Customer. Ordtech DOES NOT: participate in tenders & bids, issue bonds of any type such as Bid Bond, Performance Bond, etc.
Ready Willing AbleThe so called R.W.A (Ready – Willing – Able) status of any prospective Customer is of fundamental importance. It means that only R.W.A parties should submit an RfQ or an RfP for a system, product or technology. R.W.A status ensures that a party is serious and ready to place a P.O or Contract. By the same token Ordtech submits comprehensive, realistic and competitive offers. Assessment of R.W.A status is performed by Ordtech by applying various criteria. Ultimately, if required, the prospective Customer may be asked to submit a bank guarantee.
ValidityA quotation or proposal is valid for a fixed period of time, normally 30 to 60 days. Longer periods are possible subject to receiving a guarantee. Purpose of the guarantee is to ensure that Customer is Ready, Willing and Able. Upon request, prior to expiry date, validity may be extended. Failure to place a P.O within validity period results to denial of further submission of quotations. Denial may be only for materiel already quoted or may be global for any material.
Representation AgentsAgency appointment (exclusivity) is granted only after a foreign trading company has achieved a previously set and agreed (depends on territory) volume of business. All enquiries are handled by AML military logistics and OMI Ordtech exports directorate.

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