F121 Proximity Nose Impact Fuze

All weather, active, Doppler Ranging Radar Proximity nose mounted fuze to provide airburst for Mk80 series low drag
bombs incorporating internal charging tubes or similar.

The fuze is based on a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technique utilizing a transceiver being modulated by
a pseudo random binary code (digital modulation) which is transmitted into free space.

Modulation by pseudo random binary code spreads the signal across a wide bandwidth, suppressing the transmission power density per unit frequency band making it difficult to detect, intercept or demodulate and is harder to jam which offers excellent ECCM capability.

Height of Burst (HOB) is factory set at 6m a.g.l for all types of targets, approach angles and closing velocities.
It is independent of terrain reflectivity as well as immune to battlefield disturbances such as dust, smoke and other
radio emissions. The fuze has a super-quick impact back-up operation mode.

• Personnel, thin skin vehicles, radar, and light armour
• Area coverage, soft targets, including personnel
• Dug-ins without overhead protection
• Uneven terrain with obstacles
• Soft soil target areas.