F210 Impact Nose Fuze-Replacement of obsolete mechanical fuzes M904

All weather nose mounted Electronic Impact Fuze, providing impact or post impact delay functions for Mk80 GP series.
An excellent replacement for obsolete mechanical fuzes M904.
The fuze is powered by lithium batteries with a wind-driven turbine as environmental sensor which will only activate the fuze at airspeeds > 220 CAS.
Impact function is Super-Quick (≤ 500μsec) giving a good surface burst.
The impact sensor also gives good results when straight & level-bombing technique is used where bombs are inclined to skip or ricochet.

• Optimized performance of ground-bursting bombs to improve mission performance.
• Instantaneous firing pulse (≤ 0.5 ms) on impact ensuring surface detonation for enhanced terminal effect.
• Surface detonating action on most types of targets, i.e. soft ground, desert conditions and tree canopies thereby optimizing efficiency and lethality.
• Surface burst for a wide range of angles of impact including ‘ricochet’ bombs.
• Pre-selected post impact delays, the bombs are able to penetrate tree canopies or dense bush.

The fuze features many safety interlocks to prevent arming during undesirable conditions.
All arming mechanisms are locked in place during storage and in flight are released by arming wire pull.
The fuze will function only if two arming lanyards are extracted:
(1) air valve for wind-driven turbine
(2) shutter locked by a rear arming mechanism.
Safe and Arm is an out-of-line shutter design and is controlled by an hybrid stepper motor which drives the shutter at the selected arm time.
Detonic chain contains an electric detonator and relevant intermediate detonic elements.
Main booster is supplied separately and fitted to the fuze prior to fitting to the weapon.