Flare OMI-MJU-7 equivalent NSN 1370-01-296-8395

OMI-MJU-7A/B flare std 2” x 1” x-section can be fired from a variety of dispensers such as ALE-39, ALE-40 which equip modern tactical aircraft. The flare itself is a pressed pellet of a magnesium / teflon formulation required to produce high radiation output characteristics.

The pellet is specially prepared to give very fast reliable ignition. An electrical ignition system, fitted to the base of the flare, only operates under the acceleration of ejection. Accidental ignition is prevented by a bore-rider which only allows functioning to occur after the flare has left the cartridge case.

The flare consists of an external container casing which contains the payload flare assy and a flare ejecting impulse cartridge squib. The latter provides sufficient gas pressure upon activation which causes the flare payload to be launched from its casing container within certain velocity limits between 27 m/sec to 55 m/sec and to ignite.

The flare which burns in a spherical sense and thus provides IR output is ignited by means of a sequencer device OMI-SAFU7 which is attached to the flare at its rear end. The SAFU device transfers the flame to flare. The SAFU also provides a comprehensive safety feature whilst being installed onto the aircraft magazine dispenser or during transport and storage. The flare does not require any particular arming action.

Mass total378 g
Ejected mass300 g
Length206 mm
Cross section51.8 mm X 24.6 mm
Operating temperature-45 °C to +75 °C
Storage temperature-65 °C to +85 °C
UN Number421
Hazard Class1.2G
Impulse cartridge requiredOMI-BBU-36 or equivalent
DispenserAN/ALE-40 / 47 or other
PlatformF-4, F-5, F-16, C-130