OMI-LGBs correspond to GBU series (Paveway II). Operation is based on illumination of target by airborne or ground based Target Laser Designator with coded signal. Warheads are standard Mk82, Mk83, Mk84 (LGB500, LGB1000 and LGB2000). OMI-LGBs are cleared for carriage and launch by aircraft F-16, F-4, F-5 and Mirage. Adaptation to other types is possible with Ordtech assistance.

Type / WarheadOMI-LGB500 / Mk82OMI-LGB-2000 / Mk84
Mass800 lbs / 363 Kg2600 lbs / 1180 Kg
Filling and MassTritonal 90 KgTritonal 250 Kg
Length3300 mm4300 mm
Diameter max273 mm460 mm
Tailspan min / max430 / 1540 mm720 / 2000 mm
Tail AssemblyOMI-MXU-650OMI-MXU-651
Seeker AssemblyOMI-MAU-169OMI-MAU-169
Range (Km)15 Km12 Km
C.E.P4-6 m4-6 m