Modern laser air-to-ground / air-to-surface guided munitions, missiles, rockets and other types are lethal against armoured and non-armoured vehicles and
other platforms as well as fixed targets such as command centres, communication centres, depots, etc. Hundreds of high rank officers, military commanders, prominent figures have been eliminated by swift, devastating, of extremely short duration, undetected attacks.

LADEWARE L1 is a Laser Warning Receiver for Laser Target Designators and Range Finders which was developed with to offer a critical time window
of 10 to 25 sec (depending on the altitude and range of the attack launch platform such as drones, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft or other.

A high sensitivity Infrared Pulsed Laser Receiver is combined with a Digital Signal Processing and Display Indicator module allows the user to select
various modes of operation and minimizes false alarms based on internal algorithms.

The sensor is sensitive only to narrow Laser Pulsed Sources and does not react on Electric Lamps, Sun or other IR sources.
Digital Processing of sensor output minimizes false alarm rate. Additionally LADEWARE L1 offers High quality Radio Frequency shielding.