HDD Head Down Display upgrade

Mirage 2000 avionics upgrade

Ordtech offers an upgrade for the avionics suite of the M2000 aircraft. In this upgrade (code MIRROR 2) the CRT Cathode Ray Tubes of the HDD (Head Down Display), HUD (Head Up Display) and RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) are replaced with a modern Active Matrix TFT display (Liquid Crystal Display).

This modification is necessary because the original CRT units are no longer produced and as a result aircraft availability is deminished. The new TFT is far superior in terms of MTBF (original CRT has 2700 hours of operation or 2000 flight hours). Also the new system does away with the heavy and power consumming power supply and other subsystems.

The most significant advantage however is that the new display is MULTI-COLOUR with advanced symbology capabilities, although it retains the existing symbols. Finally GPS sensors data and moving map display can be incorporated option thus rendering far easier pilot’s load.

Ordtech performs the modification at Customer’s airbase and offers total technical support and warranty for 15 years plus training to personnel and Test Units.

Antennae manufacture and Support

Mirage 2000 Antennae
Antennae VHF / UHF / IFF / TACAN

Mirage 2000 Antennae / Antennae VHF / UHF / IFF / TACAN

Ordtech manufacture a wide range of antennae for the M2000 / M2000-5 / M2000-7 / M2000-9 aircraft. These antennae are supplied either as standard replacement parts or within the framework of various upgrades. Applications include IFF, TACAN, UHF, VHF, RWR and others.