M904E Electronic Impact Nose Fuze
M904E Electronic Impact Nose Fuze

Idential match to obsolete mechanical M904

M904E is an all weather high performance, wind-driven turbo generator operated, nose mounted, Electronic Impact Fuze, providing surface detonation for Mk80 series air-ordnance.

The fuze has been based on M904 Mechanical fuze in terms of physical features, making it a excellent replacement for the obsolete mechanical M904 fuze.

Impact function is Super-Quick (±500μSec) giving a good surface burst. The impact sensor also gives good results when straight & level-bombing technique is used where bombs are inclined to skip or ricochet.

Optimizes the performance of ground-bursting bombs to improve mission performance. thus being a “FORCE MULTIPLIER”

Provides instantaneous firing pulse (less than 1 millisecond) on impact, thus ensuring true surface detonation of the bomb for good terminal effect.

Surface detonating action on most types of targets, i.e. soft ground, desert conditions and tree canopy’s thereby optimizing the effectiveness and lethality of MK80 series ordnance.

Provides surface burst for a wide range of angles of impact including ‘ricochet’ bombs.