Mk15 Mod IV Snakeye Retarder Fin for Mk82 aircraft bombs

The Mk15 Mod IV retarder fin assembly provides ground attack aircraft with a high speed, low altitude bombing capability and provides a safe separation from bomb blast. It can be used in either closed low-drag or open high-drag configuarion.

Release wire withdrawal at bomb release permits the release band to separate the latch. The 4 extendable drag plates are then forced open by individual leaf springs.

As the drag plates open and engage the air-stream, pressure builds-up and forces them to open wider. This pulls the sliding collar on the support column aft, thus crushing the shock absorber to cushion the fin opening. The degree of fins opening is proportional to schock absorber compression.

Length: 32 in (813 mm) Mass: 62 Lbs (28 Kg)

Diameter: 62 in (1575 mm) Speed: 250 – 600 KTAS

Total mass: 254.5 ± 6.4 Kg 560 ± 14.1 lb

CoG: 655.9 ± 16 mm 25.8 ± 0.6 inch

Ixx (Roll): n/a

Iyy (Pitch): open 42.2 Kg m2 closed 37.4 Kg m2

Izz (Yaw): open 42.2 Kg m2 closed 37.4 Kg m2

Flight Limit: Mach 1.3

Cd (at M=1.25) 0.383 closed 0.675 fully open (maximum)


MAU-93/B Low DragSNAKEYE Mk15 Mod IV
TAS 450 KtasTAS 450 Ktas
Dive Angle 30 degDive Angle 30 deg
Altitude AGL 2069 ftAltitude AGL 1480 ft
Slant Range 4620 ftSlant Range 2522 ft
Flight Time 6 sFlight Time 5 s
Impact Angle 32.8 degImpact Angle 46.9 deg
Delivery Errors sR 207 ftDelivery Errors sR 112 ft