Mk81 is intended for use against soft, fragment sensitive targets such as troops, POL depots (petroleum, oil and lubricants), and radar installations.

Principal Data Mk81

Length1252 mm
Length (assembled)1940 mm
Diameter225 mm
Mass Total (nominal)127 Kg
Mass Explosive (nominal)45 Kg Tritonal or H6 or TNT
Mass Warhead (nominal)81 Kg
Centre of Gravity (from nose)960 mm
Suspension Lugs14 inch (355.6 mm) Standard NATO
Packing / Packaging6 ea warheads / steel crate + 6 ea CFA /
Conical Fin Assembly (CFA)MAU-94/B
CFA Span320 mm
CFA Cord269 mm
CFA Mass10 Kg

Ballistic Performance & Launch Parameters Mk81

Air Speed150 KTAS to 600 KTAS
Altitude15000 ft
G Load1.2g to 5g
Angle Dive45 deg
Angle Toss60 deg
Roll165 deg/s
Range Slant (max)4750 m

Lethality Effects Mk81 (depend on HE charge type)

Grains3 to 300Diameter1.85 m to 4.6 m
Velocity670 m/s to 2286 m/sDepth0.61 m to 3.67 m
Pressure at 50 ft (16 m)10 psiSteel Armor Plate25 mm
Pressure at 100 ft (31 m)3.5 psiConcrete 3000 psi (beton)397 mm