OMI F-71A Stores Release Cartridge NSN equivalent 1377-14-352-8912

Description: OMI-F71A Impulse Cartridge is a stores ejection and release cartridge and consists of a cylindrical aluminum alloy case, an ignition element (electrode, bridgewire, ignition charge) and a separation disc. Function: Upon receipt of an electrical signal the ignition element is fired and the resulting gas pres-sure ignites the propellant charge. When sufficient pressure , is developed, the closure disc ruptures and the released gas pressure activates , the release ejector mechanism.
No.Descriptionx- in ItemOMI Dwg#
2Cartridge Case1OMI-BP-001-01
3Washer, Nose, BP2OMI-BP-001-02
4Combustible Closure Disk1OMI-BP-001-03
5O-Ring1Ø 26 x 2
6Al-self-adhesive foil2Ø 30
7NC-Propellant170 mgType 421
8NC-Propellant~ 5gType 335
9Colour,Marking, brauna.r.RAL 2202
10Tin-Can0.048Ø 99 x 119
11Ring-Pull-Cover0.05Ø 99
 Combustible Closure Disk Ingredients  
12Nitrocellulose, soluted, 28 %0.12 
13NC-Propellant0.84Type 421
14Boron, amorphous0.04