OMI I-28, OMI-I28-M6 Stores Release Cartridge NSN equivalent 1377-14-331-9537 and 1377-14-315-4269
The I28 Stores Release Cartridge is used for release of stores such as bombs, fuel tanks and other stores which are carried by the “Mirage” family of aircraft and their derivatives. The cartridge comprises the following parts: – An electric squib – A charge container – Propellant. The cartridge operates using standard a/c DC supply 28 V ± 0.5 V and minimum firing current 1.5 A to a nominal 5 A. Ignition time is 50 ms or less and rise time to maximum pressure 15 msec to 30 ms. Pressure is between 50 bar to 90 bar. The reliability of the cartridge is 95%. No maintenance is required in its sealed packaging. Storage life 5 years in packed form and 3 years when installed in the pylon. Storage temperature between -10oC to + 40oC Operating temperature between -50oC to + 70oC