Flare dispenser OMI-SUU-25 is a highly reliable, combat proven dispenser, attached to high performance aircraft, used to illuminate large areas to permit recce missions, bombing missions or missions to locate surface objects.

The dispenser launches pyrotechnic munitions (flares) LUU-1/2/5 type, which can be launched from a wide range of free-fall heights. Descent rate of each munition is controlled by parachute. The parachute support cable is released after burn-out.

Description : The dispenser has four tubes, each of which receives eight pyrotechnic munitions, four forward and four aft. The flares are launched by a combination of electrical and mechanical actions controlled by an intervalometer and ram-air / launch spring. When the flare is to be loaded in the corresponding tube, the large coil spring in the tube is compressed and held in retracted position until the flare is inserted.

Operation : once the flares are installed in their tubes, ADU-278/A Flare Retainer is installed against the rear munition. Two explosive detents are installed in the receptacles. The slots of the ADU-278/A Flare Retainer are then fitted around the detents. The spring is then released against the forward munition and the tube is in Loaded Configuration.

When electrical current is applied, the intervalometer steps-in and fires the explosive detents which in turn shear-off the explosive pin portion of the detent, thus allowing the coiled spring and ram-air to eject the munitions from the tube.

In order that pyrotechnic release is allowed, air-speed must be in excess of 300 KIAS. When the pilot releases the trigger switch the intervalometer steps to an open position for the next firing sequence.

OMI-SUU-25A/Aequivalent NSN: 1370-00-841-5976P/N:1370-L123 or P/N: 65J29440
OMI-SUU-25C/Aequivalent NSN: 1370-00-351-5523P/N:1370-L124 or P/N: 7127220-10