OMI-VA-868 is an X-band CW klystron amplifier. Its main characteristic is low noise output, frequency stability, permanent magnet focusing and small size combined with low mass.
Magnetic FieldFocusing uses permanent magnet. Tube and magnetic field are held together by four bolts which ought to be always secure tight. Field strength of the magnet is 2000 gauss and must be maintained to this level to assure proper tube operation.
 After remounting the magnet on the tube it ought be magnetized in order to maintain field strength.
 Magnetic materials and loose magnets must not come nearer than 30 cm to the tube magnet.
Operating Temp (Cathode)The tube operates at an optimum temperature. If it is too low it will result to low emission current, below rated value. If it is too high cathode life will be shortened.
TuningCavity 1 tuning for minimum reflected power on RF monitor
 Beam Voltage at 70% of normal operating value and Input RF drive.
 Cavity 2 tuning for maximum output power indication on RF monitor.
 Cavity 3 tuning for maximum output power indication on RF monitor.
 Cavity 2 and Cavity 3 readjustment according to power indication on RF monitor.
 Saturation of Klystron by increase of RF drive for maximum output power.
 Beam Voltage raised to operating value.
 Drive level readjustment until saturation (maximum output response).
SpecificationsOperating Conditions
Frequency Range: 10 – 10.25 GHzHeater Voltage: 8.5 V
Output Power, CW: 2.5 – 3.0 kWHeater Current: 2.8 A
 Beam Voltage DC: 11 kV
RF ConnectorBeam Current DC: 1 A
Input Waveguide: WR-90Body Current: < 50 mA
Output Waveguide: WR-90Input Power: 5 – 15 W
 Load VSWR: 1.5 max
ApplicationsFocusing: Permanent Magnet
RADAR and Communications systemsCooling (Collector & Body): Water
 Water Flow Collector: 4.8 g/min
 Water Flow Body: 0.6 g/min