Ammunition for Naval Guns OTO Melara Calibre 76x636 mm (76/62)

OTO Melara 76/62
OTO Melara 76/62

The 76 mm ammunition was primarily developed to effectively counter modern targets in the SURFACE-TO-SURFACE and SURFACE-TO-AIR roles.

Targets include surface vessels, aircraft and missiles including sea-skimming ones with pre-fragmented warhead for anti-aircraft and anti-missile use.

Fuzes available include standard impact fuze and electronic proximity fuze.

  • HE – High Explosive standard version
  • HEPF – High Explosive Pre-Frag anti-missile with proximity radio fuze
  • TP – Practice
76 mm HN NAVAL Gun
76 mm HN NAVAL Gun

Download the Ordtech OTO Melara 76/62  PDF brochure here.

76 mm HN NAVAL Gun


 Round Length  815.5 mm
 Round Mass  13.40 Kg
 Cartridge Case Mass  3.58 Kg
 Projectile Mass (with Fuze)  5.90 Kg
 Propellant Mass  2.89 Kg
 Fuze  Radio Proximity or Direct Impact
 Explosive Charge  Comp B or A3
 Muzzle Velocity  980 m/s
 Chamber Pressure  417 MPa ± 7.85 MPa  (4250 ± 80 Kg/cm2)
 Rate of Fire (ordnance dependent)  90 R.P.M to 180 R.P.M
 Range Maximum Horizontal  15500 m
 Altitude Maximum  6000 m

1 (One) complete round in hermetically sealed cardboard tube.

2 (Two) cardboard tubes in a wooden box.

Box Dimensions 1096 X 308 X 190 mm

Box Mass Total   49 Kg

Box Volume        0.064 m3

Hazzard Class 1.1E UN # 0006