Practice Bomb BDU-33 NSN 1325-01-054-2906

OMI-BDU-33 Practice Bomb simulates free fall aerial bomb release. Its geometry and aerodynamics allow it to have the same trajectory as Mk82 series low drag G.P Aerial Bombs. Total mass: 24.55 lb. Drag coefficient Cd : 0.127 (at 660 ft/sec)

Bomb Assembly: The bomb has an elongated teardrop shaped body. A central tube runs through the body, tail and fin assembly. The firing pin assembly and a type Mk4 Mod 3 smoke cartridge are fitted in the nose.

Suspension System: The body is threaded to receive a single suspension lug and also has two 3/8” holes drilled at CoG to allow use with other types of release units.

Standards: OMI-BDU-33 meets MIL-STD, STANAG and NAVAIR standards.

Fuze: The fuze is housed in the bomb nose and is impact operated.

Operation: After release, the bomb follows the same trajectory like Mk82 live free fall bomb. Upon impact, the firing pin fires the signal cartridge cap, which ignites the smoke charge. Smoke is expelled through the rear part of the tail tube, thus allowing observation of impact point in order to evaluate accuracy.


Angle0 deg10 deg
Altitude13000 ft3000 ft
Velocity360 KTAS360 KTAS
Range15437 ft5922 ft
Flight Time29.48 s10.61 s
Slant Range20182 ft6638 ft
Impact Angle62 deg40 deg
Wind Correction Head1.62 mils / Knot1.56 mils / Knot
Wind Correction Tail1.26 mils / Knot1.20 mils / Knot