Practice Bomb OMI MK106
Practice Bomb OMI MK106

OMI-Mk106 Practice Bomb simulates Mk82 “Snake-Eye”.

Mass: 2.27 Kg. Drag coefficient Cd : 0.67 (at 660 ft/sec)

Bomb Assembly: The bomb has a cylindrical steel body.

Firing pin assembly and Mk4 Mod 3 smoke cartridge are fitted in the nose.

Suspension: The body is threaded to receive a single suspension lug and also has two 3/8” holes drilled at CoG to allow use with other types of release units.

Standards: OMI-Mk106 meets MIL-STD, STANAG and NAVAIR standards.

Fuze: The fuze is housed in the bomb nose and is impact operated.


Angle30 deg
Altitude1480 ft
Velocity450 KTAS
Flight Time6 s
Slant Range2520 ft
Impact Angle47 deg