Systems and Products manufactured and supported


Group 10
GPS Guided Bombs
Laser Guided Bombs
Laser Guided Rockets
Group 11
General Purpose Bombs
Pre-Fragmented Bombs
Cluster Bombs
Thermobaric Bombs
Practice Bombs
Fuzes & Accessories

Group 12
Drone Weaponization  NEW
Ordnance Remote Control
Aircraft & Helicopter Gunships
Cannon Pod & M/C Gun Pod
Weapon Systems & Parts
BaLListic Protection

Group 14
Launchers & Rockets 2.75"
Python Ground Launcher 2.75"
Launchers & Rockets 68 mm
SUU-20 Rocket Bombs Dispenser
SUU-25 Flare Dispenser

Group 15
Stores Release & Ejectors
Aerial Targets

Group 16
Flares IR Countermeasures
Chaff RF Countermeasures
Impulse Cartridges (Squibs)
Stores Release Cartridges

Group 20

Group 30
M39 cannon 20 mm
Rh202 cannon 20 mm
M61 cannon 20 mm
ZU-23 cannon 23 mm
DEFA cannon 30 mm
Browning 0.50" M/C Gun

Group 40
Mirage support
Apache AH-64 support
Alpha-Jet support
Aircraft Brakes (Carbon-Carbon)
Aircraft Brakes (Sintering)

Group 70
Missile Electronics