Q904 ULtra Quick Impact Fuze
Q904 ULtra Quick Impact Fuze
Q904 ULtra Quick Impact Fuze

Q904 Ultra-Quick electronic Impact Fuze is an all weather, battery operated, electronic nose fuze which provides surface burst for Mk80 series aircraft ordnance
and replaces obsolete mechanical M904 series.

The nose cone acts as an impact switch and consists of a parabolic nose cone, which forms the outer ogive of the fuze, made from aluminium alloy.
A similar but smaller internal parabolic nose cone is fitted inside the outer nose cone. Both ogives are isolated from each other to form the “Crusher Impact Sensor”.
On impact the nose cone is crushed causing the two ogives to make contact resulting in a firing signal being transmitted to the firing circuit.

Impact function is Ultra-Quick (±50 μSec) giving a good surface burst. The impact sensor ensures optimal results when straight & level-bombing technique
is used where bombs are inclined to skip or ricochet.


♦ Optimizes performance of ground-bursting bombs and mission performance, “FORCE MULTIPLIER”

♦ Provides instantaneous firing pulse (less than 100 μsec) on impact, ensuring true surface detonation of the ordnance for optimal terminal effect.

♦ Surface detonating action on all types of targets, including water, soft ground, desert conditions and tree canopies thereby optimizing the effectiveness
and lethality of MK80 General Purpose ordnance.

♦ Surface burst for a wide range of angles of impact including ‘ricochet’ bombs. Bombs may be released in ripple or salvo with no mutual interference.

The fuze features many safety interlocks to prevent arming during undesirable conditions.
All arming mechanisms are locked in place during storage and in flight and are released by arming wire pull.

Safe and Arm is an out-of-line rotor design and is controlled by an electric stepper motor.

The fuze meets MIL-STD-1316 with two independent arming mechanisms. i.e., two arming wires:
fuze start (1) and rotor release (2) which are activated by arming wire pull after release from the aircraft.