Software for special applications

* Analog, digital, mixed signal systems for Aerospace/Space/Defence
* Telecommunication systems
* Network interfaces
* Embedded processing systems
* Power supplies and power management
* Control and Automation
* Automated test equipment for functional and production test & verification

a. Engineering Processes (per IEEE 1220-2005):

* Requirements Analysis
* Requirements Validation
* Functional Analysis
* Functional Verification
* Synthesis
* Design Verification
* System Analysis
* Control


b. Preparation of the minimum set of Engineering Data:

* System Requirements Specification (SRS)
* Interface Control Document (ICD) based on customer’s wish list, technology area, application area, safety constrains, etc
* System Design Document (SDD)
* System Test Plan/Specification (STP/STS)
* Product Definition File consisting of:
o The Build Standard, and
o The Design Standard

c. Technical reviews:

* ACR (Alternative Concepts Review)
* SRR (System Requirements Review)
* SWSR (Software Specifications Review)
* SFR (System Functional Review)/SDR (System Design Review)
* PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
* CDR (Critical Design Review)
* TRR (Test Readiness Review)
* SVR/FCA (System Verification Review/Functional Configuration Audit)
* PRR (Production Readiness Review)
* PCA (Physical Configuration Audit)
* ISR (In-Service Review)